Planar EL640.480-AD4 GE2 REPAIR SERVICE by Capetronics

CapeTronics EL Displays

$450.00 $950.00


The EL640.480–A SB series displays are VGA
compatible high-resolution electroluminescent (TFEL)
flat panel displays. They replace the bulky CRT in control
and instrument product designs. At Capetronics Inc. we perform a full repair and functional testing of these TFEL panels.



Our procedure for the repair of the Planar EL640.480-AD4 GE

  1. Issue a return authorization number for the potential repair.
  2. When we have received the display(s) we visually inspect it and start a job packet.
  3. If the display is repairable, it will be diagnosed for the source of the failure.
  4. Once the failure issue has been sourced, we will replace ALL time and heat sensitive components along with the faulty component(s).
  5. Next it’s off to our rigorous testing department.
    • Full functioning testing.
    • Compare heat signatures using state of the art IR equipment and advanced IR research software.
    • Perform a burn-in period for the newly replaced parts.
  6. Finally we ship your ElectroLuminescent display back to you. (Always double boxed) We will also redirect you back to this link to complete your purchase.