CapeTronics EL Displays


RARE Obsolete FACTORY UNIT REPAIR KIT EL640.400-C3 Tabbed Phosphor Glass SUBSTRATE Repair Kit with heat and time sensitive electronic components to refurbish the EL640.400-C3 FRA Part 996-5062-00LF Obsolete Displays. Can be used to repair EL640.400-C2 FRA's, EL640.400-C2, EL640.400-C3 Series including EL640.400-CD3 and EL640.400-CD3 FRA. 
Repair Kit Part # 996-5056-02LF
with pre-attached PCB to glass 2080 solder coated leads interconnect ribbon and adhesive foam backing.

Most electronic repair shops capable of SMD Rework  will have the ability to swap out damaged cracked glass EL substrate, with burn-in, missing pixels and ghosting using this one of a kind EL repair kit from Capetronics exclusively. Schematics for the PCB available at an extra cost. Please enquire at for more information.