Refurbished EL640.480-AG1 Series VGA Flat Panel Displays Part number 996-0269-04 and 996-0269-05



The EL640.480-AG1 ET (Extended Temp) LP (Locking Plug)  Part number 996-0269-04  and 996-0269-05 series displays are 8.1" diagonal VGA products which offer designers an
affordable solution in demanding applications where superior visual performance and
environmental ruggedness are critical. Utilizing Lumineq® Displays’ proprietary ICEBrite™
(Integral Contrast and Brightness Enhancement) technology, these displays excel in ambient
light environments ranging from dark to nearly sunlight-bright. This technology achieves very
high contrast and exceptionally clear images using a common 8-bit FPD-type interface
compatible with most LCD video controller chips.
The EL640.480-AG1 ET (AG ET) is the extended-temperature version of the EL640.480-AG1
(AG) display. See temperature specifications on page 14 for more information. The
EL640.480-AG1 ET LP (AG ET LP) is the low-profile version of the AG1 ET.