Refurbished Planar EL640.480-AD4 GE2

CapeTronics EL Displays


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Refurbished Planar EL640.480-AD4 Displays. 

The EL640.480-AD SB series displays are VGA
compatible high-resolution electroluminescent (TFEL)
flat panel displays. They replace the bulky CRT in control
and instrument product designs.

Experience improved viewing and reliability with this Refurbished Planar EL640.480-AD4 GE2 display. Our refurbished displays are tested and repaired to meet manufacturer's specifications, and come with a 1-year warranty. Every display is precision-refurbished to ensure optimal performance, giving you reliable results every time.

At Capetronics Inc. we perform a full repair and functional testing of these TFEL panels. Each panel is inspected and tested to ensure that its performance is up to industry standards. This ensures a reliable product and longevity of use.