Refurbished EL640.200-SK Half-VGA Display 996-0290-05 & 996-0290-06



The EL640.200-SK thin film electroluminescent (EL) display is a highperformance
alternative to industry-standard LCDs and is the ideal solution in
demanding applications where superior visual performance and
environmental ruggedness are critical. The EL640.200-SK utilizes Planar’s
proprietary Integral Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) technology to achieve
unparalleled image quality without the use of expensive filters. This display
excels in a wide range of ambient lighting environments while effectively
eliminating the blooming common to other high-bright displays.
The display consists of an EL glass panel and control electronics assembled
into a space-saving, rugged package for easy mounting.
The EL640.200-SK is easily interfaced using standard 4-bit or 8-bit LCD control
signals. Each pixel is individually addressable to clearly display high
information content graphics and text.